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You may of heard of our very own little star Harrison!


This is Harrison, he is 13 years old and has autism and ADHD and is the son of our founder Lesley.


On a recent trip to a large DIY chain store a member of staff told me "he is very naughty" and Harrison heard!


Shocking yes I know but yet another person who felt the need to judge and comment so unfortunately it isn't the first and certainly wont be the last. To say something to me isn't OK but when our children hear it changes things so much.


As you can imagine Harrison was upset by this and said he wished we could do something to show people he can't help the way he is, so as he is a keen enthusiast with a video camera we decided to make a video, since launching his video there have been over 70,000 views on Facebook and almost 100 on YouTube, Harrison also appeared on BBC look north, and BBC radio Newcastle. He has also been in a couple of newspapers too!


We're all so proud of Harrison, he is overcoming so many of his own anxieties and sharing awareness at the same time, he is also loving the attention!


If you haven't seen the video yet, here it is.



At BBC Radio Newcastle

Front page og the Evening Chronicle and

page 8 of the Journal!

Taking over filming BBC Look North!

Being interviewed for BBC Look North