What is autism?


There are many people in the UK with Autism, it's estimated 1 out of every 100 people have autism


  • Autism effects people from all nationalities, cultures, religious and social backgrounds.


  • Autism appears to effect more men than women.


  • Autism is a life long condition, it can't be cured but a person can learn coping strategies and interventions can help improve some challenges.


  • Autism is a hidden disability, you can't tell someone has autism simply by looking at them.


  • The three main areas of difficulty all people with autism share are difficulties in communicating, social interaction and social imagination.


  • Autism will effect each individual differently some may lead relatively 'everyday' lives, others will require a lifetime of specialist support.


  • There is no known 'cause' of autism, some say its genetic. Autism can be passed from parents to their children, but it doesn't mean its your fault or you are a bad parent. 


  • Some people with autism have exceptional talents, they aren't however the rain man!


  • Autism is on such a wide spectrum that no two people are the same, each person as unique as the next. 



This information has been taken from our personal experiences with Autism and the NAS (National Autistic Society).

If you have any concerns or questions regarding anything regarding autism please speak to a health professional.